Festival #56 and Candidature #94 – “Sergi & Irina” has an Official Selection at the ‘Los Angeles CineFest’, west of Hollywood

And as the year is ending, we receive incredible news! We celebrate our Official Selection Number 56 and our Candidacy Nº94 by returning to California! The ‘Los Angeles CineFest’ Festival invites us with two filmmaker passes to celebrate with them on January 15 and 16 their Cinema party at the ‘Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute’, specifically at the “Marilyn Monroe” Theater located at the Santa Monica Boulevard, west of Hollywood. Perhaps this is the perfect occasion to go since in the last nomination at the ‘Burbank International Film Festival’ we could not attend due to the closure of the North American borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you think we should encourage ourselves to go? We are very grateful to the Festival and to all the members of the jury for considering our film worthy of presenting it in their program.