Adrián Salzedo


Actor and Singer from Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid.

Trained as a singer, actor and dancer.

Adrián is member of a family of singers and actors dedicated to musical theater, Adrián began working in theater at age two in the world of Zarzuela, and had his first role in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” playing the character of Chip. Since then, he has been involved in numerous shows such as “La revoltosa”, “El Principito” (Little Prince. National tour.), “Willy Fog. The Musical “, “Aladdin, a great Musical” (Aladdin), “Dirty dancing” (Billy),”The Doctor, the Musical “(Rob Jeremy Cole), “West Side Story”(Chino and cover of Tony)

In December 2021 Adrián was the recipient of the “Outstanding Performance Award”, the highest award at the Best Actor Award Festival in New York for his role as Sergi in “Sergi & Irina”, in addition to winning the “Best Duo” award alongside Teresa Ferrer at the Actors Awards in Los Angeles, California.

He has also participated in numerous television shows, feature films and short films such as “Cambiar el mundo” (Short film – Expo Zaragoza), “Cuéntame cómo pasó” (TV show – TVE) “Bandolera” (TV show – Antena 3), “Seve” (Feature Film – Fishcorb Films), “Tini – El gran cambio de Violeta” (Feature Film – Co-starring Character: Caio – Disney), “Sergi & Irina” (Short Film – Leading character: Sergi Forteza – Singular, Viking 1942, LaFiesta and IB3TV ), “El Cid” (TV Show – Character: Álvar Fáñez – Amazon Prime Video)

In 2019 he won the Musical Theater Award -PTM- for “Best Leading Actor” for “El Médico, el Musical”.

The last recognition for Adrián’s work was at the World Premiere Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, where in January 2021 he won the “Best Actor, Short” Award among other 7 recognitions for the film “Sergi & Irina”, including Best Actress for Teresa Ferrer.