Teresa Ferrer and Àlex Tejedor at the show “Días de Radio” hosted by Manuel Díaz Noda

This past January 12, the protagonist of “Sergi & Irina”, Teresa Ferrer and Co-director, Author and Composer of the film Àlex Tejedor, had the great pleasure of participating in the program “Días de Radio” presented by Manuel Díaz Noda, to talk about musical cinema, the recent premiere of “West Side Story” by Steven Spielberg, and of course, the short film “Sergi & Irina”. A pleasant, relaxed and interesting interview that left Teresa Ferrer and Àlex Tejedor wanting to return. Thank you very much to Manuel and the entire team of the show for inviting us and for making us feel so at home, we hope to repeat very soon.
You can click on the image of Manuel Díaz to open the link and listen to the conversation that starts at minute 27:44.