“Sergi & Irina” wins the Award for ‘Best Score’ at the ‘Los Angeles CineFest’

And we start the week with big news for “Sergi & Irina”! Award #39 at Festival #56, the ‘Los Angeles CineFest’ which, although this year it had to be done “Online”, is usually held at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Acting Institute! “Best Score” for the Soundtrack of “Sergi & Irina”, with Music and Lyrics from yours truly, Musical Direction and Musical Arrangements by maestro Toni Cuenca, the voices of Teresa Ferrer and Adrián Salzedo, the recording of the music in Sonoteque Studios with Miquel Llinàs and Tolo Prats at the lead, and an incredible orchestra of thirty-six extraordinary musicians p my compositions. Thanks to the CineFest jury for this recognition, it’s a shame we couldn’t have gone in person to collect the award, and thanks to the entire organization of the Festival. We continue!