Big Premiere of “Sergi & Irina” at IB3 Television

Surprise! We are pleased to announce for those of you who really wanted to see “Sergi & Irina” that on Saturday, July 31 at 9:40 p.m., IB3 Television will broadcast our film in a unique and special Premiere pass! We are very excited that two years after shooting the film at Raixa, 37 Festivals, 32 Awards and 71 Nominations later and traveling through New York, Los Angeles, London, Las Vegas, France, Rome, Berlin, Toronto, Edmonton, Russia, India, Warsaw, Madrid, Granada or the Canary Islands we can come back home and present this Musical Short Film that is giving us so many joys all over the world. We hope you can see our movie and tell us what you think of it in IB3.
See you on Saturday at “Sergi & Irina”!